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Event Binder Bliss

Are you looking for a better way to manage all the details of an event and have more support from your cast and crew on event day?

There’s so much info to coordinate for events, and you want to make sure everything you’ve promised the client goes off without a hitch.

And even if you have people wanting to help you, sometimes you’ve got so much to do that it’s hard to mobilize your team to plug in and do what’s needed!

Welcome to Event Binder Bliss!

It’s the exact Event Binder system we perfected over 15 years of producing a high volume of upscale and luxury events.

It was our way to make sure details didn’t fall through the cracks, that our team wasn’t slowed down by only one person having the vision ‘in their head’, and that we could rest assured our team was providing a consistent experience for our clients - even when we as company owners weren’t at an event.

If you’re producing circus entertainment at events, have you ever wondered…

🌟 How can I help create a less frenzied and rushed environment?

🌟 How can my team be more self-directed?

🌟 What documentation should I have with me on event day?

🌟 How can I be better prepared for unexpected situations and emergencies?

We’ve got solutions for all of those (and situations you haven’t experienced yet) inside Event Binder Bliss! 

You know who else uses Event Binders?

✅ Event Planners

✅ Catering Companies

✅ A/V Companies

✅ Décor Companies

✅ And most other vendors leading teams at events

Here’s your chance to benefit from 15 years of our trial and error, and get our time-tested checklists, templates and examples - without having to start from scratch and build this all on your own!

What’s included?

You’ll get 40+ examples, checklists and templates that cover everything from timelines, to staff responsibilities, contact lists, packout lists, show docs and safety forms.

We also share how these docs are used and why they’re important, how to customize them for your company, and what software we use and recommend. 

It literally has ALL the info you’ll need to help an event run smoothly. 

Event Binder Bliss will be your behind the scenes bestie to consistently produce efficient events, so you can focus your energy on creating more magical performances!

Are you ready for event day to be easier?

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