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Circus Freelancer Gig Pay Guide

Are you a circus performer working in the 'gig pay' economy? 

It's hard to get good answers on how to set your rates, and when you ask, it seems like everyone has a different opinion.

If you want to set a rate that sustains your performing career and also respects your market, you are in the right place!

You’re in for a treat, this is about so much more than just a pdf with a formula on it, or a chart with some prices!  

It's 7 bite-sized actionable videos with nifty calculators and email templates to help you find confidence with your gig pay rates.

Your pay rate is so much more than a number on paper, so here’s what’s in store for you inside the Circus Freelancer Gig Pay Guide:

👉   What your Day Rate or minimum should be and how many events are realistic for you.

👉   What your Hourly Rate breaks down to, and a good response to the infamous - but why is it so expensive for just 5 minutes?

👉   How to be profitable and how much to set aside for taxes and business expenses.

👉   How your rates create a first impression and set expectations, and how to tell if your pricing is attracting the wrong clients.

👉   How to research rates in your market, and understanding differences within the industry.

👉   What your unique value is and how to leverage that to negotiate higher rates.

This is our gift to you FREE of charge or obligation!

We're committed to helping you build a career that sustains you, and we want to do everything we can to protect the post pandemic performing landscape.

So please join us and invite your friends too!

8 Modules

Day 1: You've got Options!

Ever wonder why when you ask about pay rates that everyone seems to have a different opinion? Well, that’s because there are many different ways to set your rates! What does that mean? You’ve got options!

Day 2: Day Rate

Do you know what your Day Rate should be? We'll show you the bigger picture of how a day rate can help you!

Day 3: Hourly Rate

Have you ever calculated your hourly rate? If yesterday's lesson was an eye opener for you, then today will really give you a reality check.

Day 4: Profit First

Are you calculating expenses correctly and planning for profit? We've got answers to all of this and more in today's lesson! 

Day 5: Service Value

Does your pricing reflect the level of service that you offer (and what your clients expect from you)? Your pricing can be a powerful tool to help you find the work you love doing!

Day 6: Market Rate

Do you know what the 'market rate' is in your area? Today's lesson is SUPER important, especially if you want to respect others in your market, and if you want to keep the industry strong throughout your whole career (and for those after you!).

Day 7: UVP = MVP

Does your price reflect your unique value? We're excited to wrap up our Freelancer Gig Pay Guide with this lesson all about understanding your position within your market, based on your unique value.

Bonus: Email Templates

Congrats on completing all of the lessons! You've got BONUS access to email templates you can use to reach out to others to find out the market rates in your area.

Modules for this course 8
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